By Sheff Law on April 1, 2013

crash.jpgYet another wrongful-death lawsuit has been filed following a January crash on U.S. 30 in New Haven, Indiana.

On January 8, the driver of a tractor-trailer failed to stop, rear-ending two cars. Both drivers were killed and it caused a six vehicle wreck. Suzanne K. Stephenson of Monroeville and Sandra Dealey of Ohio died while seven people were hospitalized following the crash. According to the New Haven police, all traffic in the crash was moving westbound at about 10:48 in the morning that Tuesday. The light turned green, but the tractor-trailer, coming from behind the line of cars, did not stop or slow down causing a chain reaction. The first car was hit "out of the way" and then hit another car which caused it to catch fire. Stephenson and Dealey, who were driving alone and wearing seatbelts at the time, died due to blunt force trauma from the crash.

Police have not released what the truck driver was doing when the crash occurred. Toxicology reports came back negative for both drugs and alcohol. The truck, driven by 50 year old Scott Saunders, left no skid marks and did not slow down before the crash.

Several months later, one of the seven people injured in the crash has filed suit in Allen Superior court. Both families of Stephenson and Dealey have already filed lawsuits. According to court documents, the Dealey family is seeking funeral expenses, recovery of potential money she would have earned in her work, and compensation for her husband and their six children. The Stephenson family sued a similar lawsuit in federal court in February.

The trucking company, Kutzler Express, said the company is "saddened by the deaths and injuries suffered in the crash". They are currently cooperating with investigators of the crash.

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