By Sheff Law on June 25, 2013

A roofer collapsed through a roof and fell next onto a Philadelphia girl, leaving her seriously injured. Maya Pur, 12, was watching cartoons on her couch when the roofer crashed in and debris scattered.

Her stepfather, Jay Roshko described that "her neck and her head are really in bad shape. She's hurt." As a result of the accident, debris hit her head which resulted in a concussion. In addition, she also suffered a sprained neck, and broken fingers. After the accident, Maya was taken to be evaluated at Nazareth Hospital.

"It's amazing how she was sitting right there and he came right down on her head. You don't know what to imagine, I was five miles away from home but I came flying here," Roshko said. "She could have died, she is 12-years-old. She weighs 100 pounds, the guy probably weighs 200. If she was two inches to the left he could have broke her neck and really hurt her."

Following the accident, the details of the fall came into the limelight when the workman who fell through the roof swapped clothes with his boss before police and emergency personnel arrived at the scene. Roshko said that "when I talked to my stepdaughter, she pointed out the window and told the police officers that was the guy. They actually exchanged clothes with each other." Mike Jacobs, 38, the actual construction worker that fell through the roof said that he did not sustain any serious injuries, just scratches on his back.

Kravchak Roofing and Waterproofing owner, John Paul Kravchak, 60, was led from the scene in handcuffs, charged with making a false report to the police. He was questioned by the authorities and later released.

Roshko said "There's a hole about 5 feet wide and round in the middle of my living room, everything is on the's all collapsed." He was not home at the time of the collapse, and is frustrated that his building did not warn him or his family before the construction began. The repairs were meant to fix a leak, but the family was never told that they needed to leave their apartment.

Jacobs said "The roof just went through, that's why we're tearing it off... it just gave way." They were never warned to leave the apartment while the repairs, to fix leaks, were done.

Krewstown Park Apartments, where the accident took place, has already received approximately 50 citations since 2010. The Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections department is investigating this incident.

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